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About Us

Chutal Ventures is the authorised distributor of BTech Germany’s products in Nigeria. BTech Germany is a high-quality brand that offers powerful technology for household products.

Our portfolio includes Television of all sizes, washing machine, Dryers, Fridges, ice making fridges, Air conditioners, gas cookers and Electric cookers.

We offer excellent products, appreciated by our customers.Television have changed the way we watch movies, News and shows. Over the years it has made rapid strides in technology starting with CRT and moving towards LCD, LED, ETC, UHD or ULTRA high definition TVs are now available with 4k resolution, like Mobiles, TVs have also become smart with internet connectivity option available.

Our Journey!

To be the best electronics and home appliances company where value for customer is a priority.

To inspire people to live their dreams with innovative technology at an affordable price.

With passion and dedication, we deliver the best household products to our customers in Nigeria and beyond.

We promise nothing but the best technological quality to our customers. Our brands are durable and reliable.

Our Bond with you!


We treat you with the respect and prestige you deserve. We have no other customer but YOU!


Our products are all double tested for durability and confirmed by our team of experts.


We do not keep you waiting. We deliver your products with speed and finesse.

Our customer support team is here to answer your questions. Ask us anything!